You can order from one of our Awesome Packages, start your Custom Order or feature your design in our Creators Store. 
We make ordering easy and to sell your design in our Creators Store, just set your price, add a sales target and Illicit Custom will handle the rest – production, shipping and customer service – at no *cost to you and you keep the profit!

*additional charges apply for custom graphics by Illicit Custom. 



Tee shirts with a purpose! Looking for a fun way to raise funds for a nonprofit, charity, foundation, school, club or organisation? alk to us about your next fundraiser - we can help to make it a success!  Depending on the size and reach of your organisation Illicit Custom can supply you with a design free of charge, along with social media banners for you to post and drive traffic to your campaign.We price our goods and services to give an optimum return to your customers so they can further raise donor awareness and donations for your cause. Get in touch with Illicit Custom now with your ideas.



From Rugby League clubs to Tennis clubs to Bike Clubs, Illicit Custom can turn your club into a world class brand with our graphics. 
Raise money for your next fundraiser or trip the easy way. Order in bulk and distribute independently, or set up a campaign with us. Illicit can design, collect and distribute your orders! All you need to do is drive your members to your Illicit custom page and watch the profits roll in. Ask us about our various 'promo packs' now.



Got your own illustration or design ready to go? Feel it could be the next big thing? Simply upload your design and drive your social media to your own new and unique Illicit Custom page. Those sketches and artwork ideas in your top drawers could be money just waiting to be made!  





Whether you're you're gigging and touring or topping the charts - you need the merch to match. Get in contact with us about how to let your fans show their support and help your bank account climb that stairway to heaven! From Rock n Roll, indie, metal, electronica to Hip hop - with our proven track record we will come up with merch that your fans will love! Ask us about our various package deals - from Tees, fleece,'s all here.




Plumber, Chippy, Sparky or Scaffolder? Whatever your trade and company requirements we can get you sorted to stand out from the competition with professional high quality graphics and designs.Check out our package deals tees, Hoods and fleece beanies and caps - we have it all.
Hi-Vis printing and safety colours also available. 




Get your brand sorted with merch that will sell and make your members feel proud.From small town Cross-Fit gyms to Professional MMA fighters, Illicit Custom has got you covered. We will design a tee that your members and fans will fight to have, while you can raise your gyms profile and bank account at the same time! 







Whether you are holding an event or festival for 1000 or 50,000 keen punters, we can sort your design and merchandise needs from 'gates  opening' to 'pack down'!
Having had many years assisting events and festival organizations, Illicit Custom can create and design your logos, signage, posters, tickets, lanyards, caps, tees and so much more!



The art of Illicit has been at the forefront of tee shirt design for over 20 years now. Set up in 1996 Illicit has worked with some of the biggest names in the alternative art and design world. The bold and innovative Illicit style and imagery have been highly sought after and admired throughout the world - from it's initial breakthrough to this day. At last count, we had sold close to a million tees worldwide. That's a lot of tees folks…

If you want your merch to stand out from the crowd and reap the rewards, Illicit Custom has a huge vault of amazing designs ready for your brand or team and cutting edge graphic designers to create your own exclusive new design!