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For over 20 years Illicit Custom has been at the forefront of cutting edge artwork and design.

We have a fantastic selection of world class artists who can create a unique, bespoke, one-of-a-kind image to perfectly suit your needs and specification requirements.

And with a vault of well over 2000 existing images to choose from, the opportunity to license images is also available.

To check out a small selection of the wide-ranging work of our artists click on any image below for further work...


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The leading designer for the second generation of Illicit Custom, Greyskull has an eclectic and wide ranging set of styles, from hardcore gangsta graphics, Fightwear designs, cute or crazy cartoon characters all the way through to death metal album covers and skateboard graphics, whatever your needs he'll exceed expectations every time.

Martin Emond

Martin was the co-founder and original artist for Illicit when it began. World-renown for his groundbreaking art and graphics he is still widely regarded as one of the greatest comic and graphic artists of all time.

A selection of Martins' work is available exclusively through Illicit Custom in association with the Martin Emond Estate.

Miss Illicit

The fierce and uncompromising style of the art of Miss Illicit has created an impact all over the world with her unique and gritty take on hip-hop, graffiti and portrait styles. Hugely popular with Illicit fans everywhere her art will make any product stand out from the crowd.

Jared Higher

The brains behind many music festival posters, merchandise and reggae influenced artwork, Jared was also the creator and chief designer for Higher clothing. With his style of crisp clean lines and a range of influences from sports to fashion to music, Jared will get you the art you require for your next product or promotion.

Illicit Classics

Classic designs from the Illicit vaults.